Launch Scout Design System

Set Up

You’ll need Ruby 3.1.0 - Some of the site can be edited in this online tool. The rest is in the repo.

This Repo:

Media location:

Run Local Server

bundle exec jekyll serve

see local changes at https://localhost:4000/

Setting Redirects

To add redirects (for example – a custom URL that simply redirects to another page), we use the Jekyll Redirect-From plugin. You’ll add something like the following to the YAML front-matter of a given page:

  - /foo/
  - /bar/
  - /baz/qux/

Visiting any of those will redirect to the target page.


The website lives under the Launch Scout team on Heroku:

It is deployed using the static buildpack:

Commits to main are automatically deployed through GitHub Actions:


Images are now stored on AWS S3. Forestry uses the S3 bucket as its Media library and that is what is shown in the Media Manager. Forestry also wants all media in a single folder, or preferably, at the bucket level. For this project, they are in the website-images folder. This folder shows in the Media Manager as an unknown thing to Forestry. DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER Images can be added directly to the S3 bucket, or uploaded/deleted from within Forestry, which is the preferred method.