Alex started developing a fondness for technology at a young age. His early fascination with computers later evolved into interests such as coding and digital design. Years down the road, it would be a Visual Basic class in high school that would lead him to major in Computer Science at Miami University.

Alex later decided to switch his major to Interactive Media Studies, a new and rapidly growing program at Miami, to pursue his interest in UX. During his final semester at Miami, Alex took on a design internship at Gaslight as part of the Cincinnati Digital Innovation Program.

At the conclusion of his internship, he pursued a new role at Gaslight as a designer/developer hybrid apprentice. He gained valuable insight on consulting and test-driven development through pairing with other developers and designers.

Now, Alex is a full-time developer. He’s passionate about development but takes with him wisdom from design as well. His design experience taught him that the user experience should come first above everything else. Now that he’s a full-time developer, Alex is looking forward to learning more about upcoming technologies like Elixir/Phoenix and JavaScript frameworks like React/Elm.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing golf, riding motorcycles, and playing video games. He enjoys living downtown, which allows him easy access to Reds, Bengals, and Cyclones games as well as prime food and beverage options.