Gaslight’s Chief Happiness Officer is an Australian Cattle Dog mix named Rocket. As CHO, Rocket is known for his abilities to sit pretty, take a bow, hide, and even spin. In fact, his talents have earned him several additional titles including King Beggar, Trick Master, Skilled Napper, and Welcoming Committee.

Rocket advocates for more rubber frisbees in the workplace. Not only can you chase them, but you can play tug of war, hit people, and when appropriate, chew on them. It’s his single favorite toy. Rocket’s work with frisbees is best fueled by ALL treats, but his favorite is baked goods from Brown Bear.

Though Gaslight keeps Rocket pretty busy, on weekends you can find him creeking with Josie or yard-romping with Schatzie, his best dog friends. He also has a side gig attending photo sessions with his owner to make kids laugh for pictures—and manages to find time to compete in challenges of agility and fun, like jumping and tunneling.