Scott’s always been a dabbler with a short attention span - programming games on his TI-84 calculators in school. A friend introduced him to the wonderful world of programming early in his career, and he quickly learned Ruby, HTML, JS, etc. and started out doing website work for a small marketing firm. He then caught wind of an integrated apprenticeship program (wink, wink) and knew there was nothing better.

Today he brings a unique perspective and refreshing laughter when necessary as a web developer at Gaslight. Working mostly in React, he’s contracted to one of our biggest e-grocery retail clients, and rocking it. His team is responsible for cart and checkout experience, among other things.

Scott completed his B.S. degree at Cincinnati Christian University in Biblical Studies. He has a true love for music, he even plays keys and runs sound at his church. If he’s not writing code you can find him reading, gardening or cooking. Currently in his kitchen - brussels sprouts with burnt butter and black garlic!