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We’re here to navigate. Curiosity is our fuel. The future state of your technology is our destination. Obstacles and endless opportunities are our playground.

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Who we are

Discover solutions that radically improve productivity, profits, client relationships and more–our dedicated team will guide you there. Side-by-side, we’ll launch your ideas into a reality you could only imagine. Launch Scout. Software that lands.

The Launch Scout Code

Every launch takes a tremendous level of team effort. Your launch squad lives by a distinct set of core values that makes project success possible.

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It Takes a Team

Together we can do things we can’t do on our own. We value interpersonal collaboration, whether it’s in-person or via video conference, because conversation is still the best way to communicate.

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Trust Is Everything

When trust goes up, speed goes up. Transparency is how we build and maintain it. Always talk to the other person, even if it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard.

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Practice Empathy

Listen twice as much as you speak. Always assume the other person did the absolute best they could. Resolve conflicts–don’t avoid them. Disagree about the idea, not the individual. And always be kind.

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Continuously Deliver Value

Deliver continuously. Share your progress. Be proud to put your name on what we’re delivering. Be accountable for the work that you’ve committed to doing. Don’t leave anyone guessing. Hold others accountable, too.

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Grow Sustainably

Growth creates opportunities for our team, our clients and our company. Sustainable growth ensures our long-term success. We embrace constraints and use them to our advantage. Personal growth is necessary for each of us to improve. Ask others how you’re doing. Improve every day. Support the growth of others.

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Engage Proactively

Actively speaking up fosters healthy relationships and teams. Show up prepared, share your work, and advocate for your client and team. Elevate concerns and push forward.

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The thinkers, the doers, the navigators. Each of us brings a constellation of passions and skill sets that come together to form a dynamic, cross-disciplinary team. We’re your mission control, setting you up for success at every checkpoint along the way to your final product.


Al White



Andrew Ek

Principal Engineer


Bill Barnett

Co-founder | Developer


Chris Nelson

Co-Founder | Principal Engineer


Doug Alcorn

Co-founder | COO


Haley Moore

VP of Design, Partner


Jay Hopper

Chief Growth Officer


Joe Morris



Katelynn Burns



Kati Best

UX Designer


Katie Pohlman

Principal UX Designer


Mike Walter

Sr. DevOps Engineer IV


Parker Rueve



Peter Kananen

CEO, Partner


Rocket Dog

Chief Happiness Officer


Scott Wiggins



Steve Loar



Tim Mecklem

VP of Engineering, Partner


Ula Aripov


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Have logistics-related needs? Learn more about our skills and expertise in logistics management software.

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