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Logistics Management Software

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Smart, seamless logistics solutions have the power to excel any logistics operation. Our custom software ideas and industry-specific expertise can launch a new, next-level reality for your company.

What are You Looking to Do?

Here are some of the logistics management software solutions we’ve created for our clients. Whether you need something similar, related or altogether separate, we can build software to spec around your processes and goals.

  • End-to-end, customized logistics platform solution
  • Last-mile provider integration
  • Customer/Vendor portal
  • Dashboarding and analytics visualization add-ons
  • Telematics integration
  • 3rd party integrations (UPS, FedEx, Telematics etc.)
  • Warehouse management and real-time supply chain visibility
  • Real-time quoting and pricing
  • PostGIS and location-based queries
  • Scheduling, route planning and optimization tools
  • Fleet management and asset tracking
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL shipping integration

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