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Every client and project is different, but our roadmap is roughly the same. Your entry point may be different, depending on your needs. Explore how your custom software journey could look.

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Working With Us

We make sure you understand what to expect and when to expect it.

We are here to guide you through the custom software development process because we know it can be daunting. For us, it's not about the code written, it's about the problems solved. And every day we're making strategic, design, and technical decisions—both big and small—together with you.

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1. Partner Evaluation

What are you trying to do, and is custom software the answer?

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2. Plan & Budget

Collaborate to prioritize your goals and set an appropriate budget

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3. Discovery

Deep dive into the problem space and build a shared understanding

Planning and building cycles
4. Design & Build

Start plan-create-refine-release cycles and launch your product into the world

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5. Maintenance

Transition into maintenance with a retainer contract for quick, as-needed support

1. Partnership Evaluation Meeting

What’s your destination? What plan, team and budget will you need to get there? Is this the right journey to embark on? These are the questions we ask–and answer–together before we really begin.

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2. Develop the Plan & Budget

We’ll build a mutual understanding around desired outcomes and user experience. Then collaborate with you to identify which objectives to tackle first and an appropriate budget to do so.

3. Discovery

We dig in to understand your business and your users and explore potential custom software solutions. This is where our cross-disciplinary team comes alive. We may:

  • Build user personas, scenarios and journeys
  • Validate hypotheses with research
  • Map project milestones
  • Re-align budget as we refine scope
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Lines of code transforming into a user interface

4. Design & Build Software

With a solid shared understanding, we begin creating your custom software. It’s an iterative process where we’re creating, refining, and releasing to production as often as possible—sometimes daily. We’ll:

  • Plan

    Set priorities, refine the roadmap as we learn, ensure we best utilize the remaining budget.

  • Create

    Craft experiences and software following Agile methodologies and Test Driven Development.

  • Refine

    Review what we built with you and your users and adjust accordingly.

  • Release

    Release new features to production to quickly provide value for users.

5. Maintenance

When your software is ready for cruise-control, we’ll be there to help you make the transition. We’ll:

  • Ensure a smooth transition out of active feature development
  • Be on standby for any tweaks
  • Begin planning how to integrate your new software with future projects
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Their communication and dedication to involving the client in the entire process are most impressive. We have daily morning standups where we go over the progress from the previous day, the progress we want to make on this day, and any updates, shifts, or pivots that we want to make. 

Founder & CEO, EdTech Startup (Review from Clutch.co)

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