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With six years of production Elixir experience, our teams are ready to integrate seamlessly into your organization.

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Over 14 production Elixir products and counting

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Our Goal is Enabling You to Meet Yours

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Add experienced Elixir developers to your team without the time and expense of recruiting and hiring

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Quickly scale the team up or down as your project evolves and needs change

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Benefit from the diverse perspectives and specialized skills of our team

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Integrate our team members into your Agile organization at any level of scale

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Industry Experience

We've helped our clients launch Elixir products into production across a variety of industries, including:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Fleet management and asset tracking
  • Healthcare Nonprofit
  • Blockchain and Web3

Technical Solutions

Elixir can be used a lot of different ways. We've explored a lot of them and even charted new territory, including:

  • Phoenix Web Applications
  • LiveView and LiveState
  • Deployment in regulated industries, including HIPAA compliance
  • Ecto and Postgres
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Investing in the Elixir Community

We're investing in the Elixir Ecosystem through participation, sponsorship, and speaking.


  • ElixirConf Sponsor

    2018, 2022

  • GigCity Elixir Sponsor


  • ElixirForum Sponsor



Phoenix Phrenzy Winner



  • ElixirConf Speakers

    2018, 2022

  • ElixirConf EU Speaker


  • Code BEAM America Speakers


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The Power of the Beam

We solve hard problems and Elixir is our preferred tool to do so. Learn more about how we've capitalized on the power of the Beam for our Elixir partners.

How We Work

Our teams are created to maximize efficiency and communication. Each team includes designers, developers, and clients, which improves innovation, enhances creativity and reduces rework. Every team has only one project at a time, which means their full focus is developing the ideal solution for you.

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