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Custom Software Development & Design

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From concept to launch and post-launch support, build scalable web applications with the languages driving the most innovation in the industry, such as Elixir. Deploy a full-stack web app, PWA, or just a backend service. When you partner with our experienced design and development teams, you can build a new product or upgrade an existing app that has the power to transform your business.

How it Works

Following a lean and agile software development approach, we’ll help you get to market faster while creating software that scales for the future. Our custom software solutions drive process improvement, productivity gains and profit growth. Stage one kicks off with strategic planning, and stage two provides continuous delivery to build, test, refine and launch.


Our first step is to build a shared understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish. Your stakeholders will work with the launch team to better understand who you’re trying to help, identify risk, and create a game plan.

Some of the ways we explore and discover include: empathy maps, user research, story maps, feature prioritization, technical spikes on integrations and more. These methods clarify what success looks like and what it will take to get there.


One way to validate your business idea is with a lean software product, an MVP. We can use the minimum viable product as a test run for your full-scale custom software. Launch to production quickly and iterate with a combination of design and development that minimizes waste and maximizes value.

Design & Develop

With a preliminary plan in place, we'll hit the ground running to help you get to market the right way. We'll work in iterative cycles—building, testing and refining at every step. This allows us to stay on track, adapt to changing priorities and to incorporate new ideas as we learn.

Our iterations begin by evaluating our priorities each week, revisiting the original plan, and making sure we're responsibly utilizing your budget. We'll then use agile methods to design and develop functioning software. From there we'll test and refine our work with automated systems and usability tests to get it to production. Then we do it all again until your custom software is ready to launch.

Design Overhaul

Not all of our custom software development is creating all-new platforms. Breathe new life into your existing product through a redesigned UX and UI. We can help you create a design system that reimagines how your application looks and feels.

Support & Maintenance

When your product is ready, we will help you launch it into the world. We’ll strategize on our transition off of the project and we’ll devise a maintenance plan. That means when you have changes or tweaks, Launch Scout is there to help. We offer time-and-material support contracts, so you'll only pay us for the work we do.

Looking Ahead

The thing about software development is that there are always new phases to build or features to add (or tweak). Being intimately familiar with your custom software, we are always ready to help you reach your next objective.

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