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Developing people and possibilities.

Your team is everything. That’s why we’re here to help you integrate high aptitude contributors into your company. We have the expertise to identify the right candidates, and the structured training to make sure they develop successfully–consistently growing, improving, and performing to their highest abilities.

How it Works

Although the starting point for an apprentice may be a lower skill level than that of a junior developer, there are many benefits to bringing on an apprentice. With our mentorship, they get the skills they need to perform for your company specifically, using the languages and work processes you prefer. Adding fresh talent also means experience diversification, which brings new thinking and a wider range of ideas.

Our apprenticeship program includes one mentor (senior level developer) and four developer apprentices that work elbow to elbow for 6 months to a year. We take care of recruiting and management of the apprentices and with our mentorship process. Our one ultimate goal is to help them learn alongside your existing tech team and integrate seamlessly.

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We find and evaluate high aptitude new software developers.

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Hands-On Mentorship

Apprentices work directly at your company with daily guidance from a Launch Scout mentor.

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We embed this new team (mentor + apprentices) with yours to work on real projects and ship code.

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Ready for Hire

After six months, you have the option to hire our apprentices full-time as junior devs.

Through the Apprenticeship program, we hired four developers. After working hand-in-hand with [their] mentor for six months, they quickly became trusted team members and great full-stack developers.

Dominic Varacalli, Kroger

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