Developer Apprenticeship

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This is a 6 month paid apprenticeship designed to take you from entry level to productive developer. You’ll be working with other apprentices: we’ve found that developers work best in pairs. An experienced Apprentice Mentor will be working closely with you to help you launch into your software development career. We’ll work with the client to identify tasks that are the right size for you and the other apprentices to tackle. You’ll be doing important, valuable work, but at a pace that allows you to learn along the way.

The application process

We are currently open to remote candidates applying from anywhere in the US who are authorized to work in the US.

  1. Check out our recent blog post about the program and what we are looking for in an apprentice. In particular, make sure you have a project you’d like to use for the coding assessment.
  2. Complete the Math and Logic test.
  3. Fill out the application here and include a link to the git repo containing your project.

We’ll be evaluating applications as they come in. If your project is selected, we will reach out to schedule a coding assessment.

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