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Doug Alcorn

Co-founder | COO

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Doug would love to learn more about your project and explore how Launch Scout could help bring it to life.

At Launch Scout, Doug is focused on ensuring that both employees and clients are getting what they need. He strives to make the company a place where other people feel respected, appreciated, and want to stay—on both sides of the contract.

Before co-founding Launch Scout, Doug worked in a wide range of locations, industries and technologies. He’s lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Austria, and his software development resume includes everything from military projects and high-tech surgery applications to manufacturing. For his formal education, he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma Christian University.

Doug lives in Kings Mills with his wife, three kids and two dogs, and he loves seeking the quiet of the outdoors.

Fun Fact:

He and his wife didn’t drink any alcohol until their wedding night, when they cracked open the bottle of wine in their honeymoon suite.
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