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Apprenticeship Program

A different approach to hiring developers.

Demand for Developers is higher then ever which makes hiring for them even harder.

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Traditional Recruiting Programs

  • Compete with multiple companies for the same set of people
  • Higher salary expectations
  • Low retention rates
  • Team integration challenges
  • Time to adapt and learn your specific environment required


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Launch Scout Apprenticeship

  • Creates a larger set of candidates to choose from
  • Lower salary expectations
  • Mentor accelerates productivity and integration
  • Monthly milestones and evaluation
  • Valuable software delivery capacity


Software development is expected to grow over the next 10 years


of tech executives said finding qualified employees is the biggest concern for their company right now

More about Launch Scout Apprenticeship

In the past, the go-to option for companies wanting to hire developers has been to use a recruiter. Apprenticeship is a different approach to hiring developers. Rather than competing with everyone else for a limited pool of experienced developer talent, apprenticeship allows you to grow new development talent specifically for your organization. And because you are hiring high aptitude beginner developers, the pool of candidates is much larger

The six month apprenticeship program is about providing a team that produces both short and long term value: a team that will start delivering on your project within the first few weeks. Over the course of the apprenticeship, the pace of delivery will gradually accelerate as the apprentices go from high aptitude beginners to competent developers. At the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentices are hired (by you!) as developers to provide long-term value at your organization. By using a simple contract to hire model, the developers are now successfully integrated with your team and there are no expensive hiring fees at the end.

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