We Built A Platform to Help Support 10,000 People Seeking to Stop Child Abuse

Family Nurturing Center’s new software makes complex scheduling simple and data management easy, helping hundreds of families and facilitators.

We built an integrated contact management and scheduling platform to replace an unreliable legacy database and a bunch of static spreadsheets.

Family Nurturing Center can now spend more energy on its mission to end child abuse instead of wasting time on data management and administrative tasks.


The software platform supports 300 family visitations each week Reduced time data entry tasks from 15 minutes to seconds Enables tracking and quick access to critical data needed to protect families and facilitators The project was completed under budget
"You always exceed our expectations. We look forward to the next phase of this transformational project."

Jane Herms,

President and CEO

Source: Family Nurturing Center

The Challenge

Escaping Data Chaos to Focus on Serving More Families

Family Nurturing Center’s day-to-day operations were dependent on a brittle, legacy database and a handful of static spreadsheets. Critical data was easily lost and duplicated. The staff’s time was monopolized by data management instead of focusing on caring for the families they serve. They needed a system that would support them in their work, rather than create more of it, so that they could expand their mission and serve more families in need.

The Solution

Transforming Operations with Dynamic Data Platform

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Launch Scout worked with Family Nurturing Center to build a reliable, robust and dynamic database-driven platform to manage their participant data, along with an integrated scheduling platform to manage their visitation services. This platform serves as the foundation that will expand to support all of Family Nurturing Center’s services.

The platform gives Family Nurturing Center the tools they need to:

  • Easily keep participant data up-to-date
  • Quickly visualize participant relationships
  • Provide staff with quick and reliable access to the necessary data to ensure the health and safety of visit participants
  • Schedule family visits
  • Manage visit facilitators

FNC Mission

About Family Nurturing Center

Family Nurturing Center strives to end the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships. Offering six types of services focused on prevention and treatment, Family Nurturing Center serves 10,000+ individuals in the Greater Cincinnati tri-state area.

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