We Built a Marine Fuel Platform that Helped Grow KPI Ocean Connect to $5.8 Billion

AuctionConnect enables millions of tons of marine fuel to be purchased globally through reverse online auctions

We worked with KPI Ocean Connect to develop a reverse-auction platform that enables vessel operators to initiate online auctions to purchase fuel at the best price from competing bunker suppliers.


20 million metric tons of fuel sold 8,000+ auctions completed First of its’ kind online bunker procurement auction platform Safe, secure, and reliable technology trusted by vessel operators and fuel suppliers around the globe.
"The future of bunkering belongs to companies that combine traditional expertise with new technology that supports buyers and sellers"

Per Funch-Nielsen

Director of Auctionconnect

Source: Manifold Times

The Challenge

Modernizing an Aging Platform

KPI Ocean Connect needed an experienced technology provider to reimagine an aging platform that couldn’t handle real-time auction demands. Bunker auctions results are decided in minutes or seconds, and instant visibility to changing prices and terms is critical so users have the information they need to make million-dollar decisions. The existing solution had no ability to display dynamic information, and didn’t facilitate the multi-threaded communication between buyers, sellers, traders, and brokers.

The Solution

Connecting Buyers and Sellers in Real-time, Digitally

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Launch Scout worked with the KPI Ocean Connect team to redesign and modernize the platform.

AuctionConnect gives buyers and sellers the tools they need to:

  • Quickly launch a reverse-auction
  • Analyze oers in real-time
  • Instantly view pricing and terms as they change
  • Chat in-app between multiple parties
  • Delegate purchasing to a broker
  • Obtain the best bunker price
  • Control and document transactions
  • Maintain an audit-ready log for compliance

About KPI Ocean Connect

KPI OceanConnect is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent marine fuels service and solutions providers, reporting $5.8B in revenue in 2022. KPI OceanConnect operates across every major maritime hub and time zone with 170 employees spread across 16 oces in Europe, North America and Asia. KPI Oceanconnect is owned by Bunker Holding, which is part of the Østergaard-Nielsen family group United Shipping & Trading Company.

Making Waves In The Marine Fuel Market

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