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Making cryptocurrency more accessible by open-sourcing and simplifying block-chain exploration and verification.

  • Custom Software Development & Design
  • Team Augmentation
9 months
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Blockchain
  • LiveView
  • HTML
  • SCSS

POA network provides the speed, security, and cost-efficiency of a private network on a public network. Their platform had a simple goal - to make running and executing smart contracts easier, cheaper and faster.


There is a need for a solid open source, self-hosted blockchain explorer so side chains and private chains can see/understand transaction histories and balances. This is still fairly technical for the blockchain unaware masses. Users want to manage their transaction details and feel secure in them—everything from blocks, transactions, balances, and tokens transfers.


"BlockScout is the first fully-featured, open-source block explorer available for use by any EVM chain. Users can easily verify transactions, balances, block confirmations, smart contracts and other records stored on chain. BlockScout is designed to be fast, efficient, customizable and transparent. Its open design allows for easy adaptability, providing an explorer built by and for the Ethereum blockchain community." via

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