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Peter Kananen

CEO, Partner

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Peter will help you discover how a software project can be your shortcut to value. His speciality is identifying the minimum-viable solution that we'll build for your first release.

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After growing up in Brighton, Michigan, Peter headed to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, and earned a degree in computer science. A job at Pillar Technology Group brought him to Cincinnati, and he spent his days building Java applications for major banking and insurance clients. Eventually, he created iPhone apps for those same industries and spoke at CocoaConf several times. Peter joined the team as a developer after an out-of-the-blue phone call from former Pillar colleague Chris Nelson: Do you want to come and learn Ruby? Peter had just bought a house, but despite the risky nature of joining a start-up, he took the plunge and said yes. He spent those early days learning Ruby and embracing the agile software development movement.

As CEO of Launch Scout, Peter is responsible for setting direction and strategy for the company. His origins in software development combined with his drive for continuous improvement and growth give him the experience and confidence needed to maintain forward progress in an ever-evolving industry. He has a passion for cultivating an environment that fosters growth, relationship, and success for the team, clients, and the organization as a whole.

Fun Fact:

He once held his entire family while balancing on one foot.
(That's 3 children and a spouse, y'all)
Peter being Peter Peter being Peter Peter being Peter

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