A New Era: Launch Scout
24 March 2022

A New Era: Launch Scout

Today, the flame at Gaslight is flickering — but only for a moment, and we’re coming back brighter than before.

We’re reintroducing ourselves as Launch Scout: a software development agency dedicated to helping businesses launch transformative software products.

Our rebrand goes beyond finding a replacement for a name that didn’t serve us well anymore. We’ve been around 12.5 years — enough time to make a few mistakes, and thankfully also enough time to recover from them. We’ve learned a lot about building great software products during our history, but we’ve also learned more about the larger impact we want to make in the industry.

In today’s world driven by change, innovation and adaptability are the only responses that a business can exercise to remain competitive. Software has been THE conduit for this innovation over the last several years, and the pandemic only served as a turbocharger for digital transformation.

We’ll continue helping organizations in these situations, with a special focus on those who know the potential that great software could bring their organization, but without a clear path to get there.

Software development, ironically, is an incredibly human-intensive process. It requires a team — a Launch Team - to build a great product. We’ve found that our best results with clients come from a deep relationship with them, where they truly feel like we’ve joined their team to build something great.

If you ask our clients if working with us is a different experience than other vendors, a good percentage of them will say “YES, absolutely!”. We’ve always known that difference was there, even if we couldn’t always point to the reason why. Going through a rebranding process forced us to answer that question and communicate it more effectively.

Our new name — Launch Scout — explains the difference in our focus:

  1. We’re driven to get your software product to production
  2. We’ll guide you on the required journey to get there

We’re not really selling software. We sell collaboration, aligned vision, fulfilled mission. We just happen to deliver it through software.

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