Gaslight Dogs WFH Edition
27 October 2020

Gaslight Dogs WFH Edition

Being as things are a little different nowadays we felt like it was time for an update on the Gaslight Dogs. Working from home means spending all day with your furry friend.

It’s one thing to have a dog in the office but it’s another to spend all day with your furry friend by your side. Your own personal buddy to help keep stress at bay, beg for your food, make you laugh and really they make for the perfect co-worker.

Let’s check-in to see how the dogs are enjoying it, OH, and introduce some new dogs to the crew.


Goldendoodle snoozing

Josie knows how to get comfy anywhere and she loves she gets to get comfy knowing her humans aren’t leaving!

Diesel, Leroy Brown, Kevin (left to right)

Three dogs in home office

Enjoying Brandon being home so they can be as close as possible to him at all times.

Joy and Lucy

A vizla and a golden retriever

Snuggles all day long in an extra comfy dog bed.


Dog at computer setup

Harry is here to work! Ready to get into the action!


dog wrapped in comfy blankets and pillows

Charlie gets all the blankets. ALL OF THEM. You can’t tell that face no.


Dog sleeping in ridiculous position

Professional at sleeping in weird positions and enjoying her people!


Dog laying on purple chair

Living that plush life with all his humans at home including the tiny ones! All the comfy chairs are his.

Rocket & Rogue

Two dogs sleeping together

Rocket is used to hanging with the office crew but now Rocket and Rogue get to hang together and nap all day by their human.


Since we’re home that means we can include the cats who can be even wilder than the dogs, we just don’t see it because we’re usually in the office.


I have no words for this hilarious photos of bones but you can tell he is ALL trouble.


cat sleeping on yellow chair

“Human is home, he must want to paint my portrait? Why else would he be here?” - probably Oscar.


Cat sleeping in the sun

Letting the sun hit that perfect spot.

Heads up! This article may make reference to the Gaslight team—that's still us! We go by Launch Scout now, this article was just written before we re-introduced ourselves. Find out more here.

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