18 June 2013

This week at Gaslight

Tuesday, June 18th: Cincinnati Ruby Brigade

Wizards and Ruby Warriors Kata. Bring your laptop we’ll take care of the graph paper and dice!

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Wednesday, June 19th: Chaminade Julienne

SuperChris and Bill are heading up to Chaminade Julienne High School to work with STEM students. They’re doing an intro to nitrous.io and a quick Rails tutorial.

Thursday, June 20th: Cincy Cocoa Dev

Apple has published enough public information about iOS 7 to fill an evening with open discussions about its ramifications on developers and users. There have also been a number of interesting blog posts related to it that raise some interesting questions and possibilities.

Come share your opinions, join in the discussion, and see what new opportunities iOS 7 brings for us all.

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Friday, June 21st: Coffee Social

Come by and have a latte from Ryan, the barista! Open to everyone every Friday morning. No code, just coffee.


Saturday, June 22: CWT Study Group

Office hours for week three of the study group are at 10am in the office. We’re really excited about this group. Lots of help from the community, too!

Heads up! This article may make reference to the Gaslight team—that's still us! We go by Launch Scout now, this article was just written before we re-introduced ourselves. Find out more here.

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