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E-Beam Services, Inc.

Reducing risk of production haulting and revitalizing processes by rescuing an aging work order management system.

E-Beam Services
  • Custom Software Development & Design
5 months
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Ember.js
  • HTML
  • SCSS

E-BEAM Services was on a growth trajectory, but the company’s aging software couldn’t keep up. The team needed a modern work order management system to boost productivity, reduce overhead, add visibility to production, and power growth. A leader in the contract electron beam processing industry, E-BEAM uses high power electron accelerators to irradiate client goods. Their electron beam technology is used for medical device sterilization and is also used to improve the performance of a broad range of industrial materials by enabling crosslinking and rheology control of polymers.


Rather than hold the company’s complex work process in a few key employees’ heads, E-BEAM had a few ideal features, starting with a distributed knowledge system to capture and track metrics in a place everyone can see. They also aimed to cut down admin work and avoid a duplicate paper process—which happened often with their current system. Ultimately, like all businesses do, they needed greater visibility would allow visual business insights with a few clicks.


The production floor now touches the system as they run jobs. And the work process across locations is more unified than ever before. The app’s production queue screen helps reduce the complexity needed to plan and combine work across different client orders. Now it’s easier to see all the customer product and batch those items into work orders that increase beam efficiency. Rolling out the PRESTO system was almost as easy as flipping a light switch. The new system replaced all the old software’s functionality and data, so there was no need to run both systems in parallel. Staff described the new app’s user experience as simple and intuitive, and rollout to facilities in three different states required little-to-no training. There's nothing quite like the magic of seamless software conversion.

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Our partnership with [Launch Scout] was extremely valuable. The team engaged with us on a personal level and consistently delivered functional software we could test.

Sam Strotman, COO

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