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KLH Engineers

Disrupting an entire industry by building the world’s first construction marketplace.

KLH Engineers
  • Custom Software Development & Design
  • Discovery Sprint
1 year
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • .Net (C#)
  • Blazor (Blazor Server)

KLH set out to change how business is done in an industry that has been stuck in the last century. By creating a tool that prioritizes transparency and communication, they plan to revolutionize the industry. KLH has a vision for how pre-construction can be done better in the future, and needed to bring this vision into reality to seek investment and build market support.


Outdated practices with little to no transparency combined with a cumbersome workflow; the pre-construction industry was ready for a reboot. Resources were scattered, duplicated, and disorganized. Multiple disconnected communication channels kept everyone out of the loop. Finding the right product for the job meant paging through PDFs to find specifications. Product pricing was a guessing game. They saw firsthand how inefficient the product procurement process was and knew that they could do better. KLH Engineers had the decades of experience and know-how to envision a solution that would take it into the next century—all they needed was a tool to prove it to investors.


With such a complicated process, first, we needed to untangle the workflow. Before we wrote a single line of code, Launch Scout facilitated a design sprint to outline and prototype the product. Having this level of definition that was shared across the team gave an excellent starting point to begin development. But the Launch Scout team went beyond just the planning stages, we also crafted a scalable design system and implemented all of the UI components for the application. Because of the work that Configure and Launch Scout accomplished together, Configure was able to secure over $1.5M in funding within their first year of development. Not only did they meet their funding goal, but they also received the buy-in from the industry that they were looking for from leaders such as Autodesk. This success has given Configure the runway that they need to continue development and bring their product to market.

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