5 December 2013

We're Presenting At The Cincinnati Day Of Agile!

Tomorrow, December 6th, marks the next annual Cincinnati Day of Agile, and Gaslight will be there in spades. We’re honored and excited to have three presenting Gaslighters who hope enlighten you! Here’s the lowdown.

Doug Alcorn

Doug Alcorn

Can we Do Better Than Estimating?

Track 1 • 11:10AM Software development has a long history of relying on estimates; but are they required? A growing number in our field are calling for “No Estimates!”. Is this really feasible? This talk examines the nature of estimates and how they are used. It will equip you to make informed decisions about when estimates are needed and what alternatives exist to help you be successful.

The Holy Grail: Getting Customers to Write Acceptance Tests

Track 4 • 3:30PM For as long as I’ve been testing code, we’ve talked about getting the customer to write the tests. Cucumber is the latest contender vying for this lofty goal. I largely passed on Cucumber as an additional step adding a needless layer of complexity between the tests and code. That’s true as long as the customers aren’t reading or writing the tests. By writing the specs at the appropriate level of detail, customers can actually engage in the process. The result is profound conversations with your customer about how the system actually works and how iit should work. In this session, we’ll walk through the feature development process and show how we get our customers involved.

Kristin Lasita

Creating a More Efficient Designer/Developer Relationship

Track 1 • 12:20PM How many designers and developers have a true back and forth relationship? We need a change in how we work together. Our past way of separating design and development is standing in the way. We will examine how to integrate design into your development project and deliver a better end product. Forget the “waterfall”, we’ll be riding the boat together.

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Agile SOA in the Browser

Track 4 • 12:20PM Lots of good men and women have given their blood, sweat tears to the SOA cause. The end result has not always been awesome. Too many times we’ve ended up with apps that are much more complex to build and maintain and API services that are still not quite right. Newer technologies like CORS and OAuth let us build apps which consume services in a new way. Companies like Groupon are leveraging this architecture today. Come and see what it’s all about as we dive into the new architecture of web application development and how it lets us do SOA better.

Heads up! This article may make reference to the Gaslight team—that's still us! We go by Launch Scout now, this article was just written before we re-introduced ourselves. Find out more here.

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